Next-Generation 2024 Nissan Navara Coming! What We Know So Far


The next-generation 2024 Nissan Navara is on the way and it is expected to arrive sometime in the next year. At this point, we are still waiting for the details but it looks like we could see notable improvements over the current model, even though the next generation will continue to ride on a familiar F-Alpha platform. The new model will offer novelties in various aspects, including new powertrain options.

Of course, we also count on new styling, new interior design and further improvements regarding practicality and overall usability. Moreover, the new model could also benefit from the fact that Nissan and Mitsubishi are now part of the same Group, so the two companies are about to share various technologies with their new pickup trucks.

In any case, the 2024 Nissan Navara should arrive sometime in the next year, though a more precise date is yet to be announced.

2024 Nissan Navara

2023 Nissan Navara

2024 Nissan Navara Redesign

As we’ve just mentioned, the new generation is on the way and this will be the first redesign in ten years. Therefore, numerous changes are expected, even though the next generation will continue riding on the F-Alpha platform. Of course, the architecture will be updated with all kinds of new technologies and design solutions, so we count on notable improvements regarding ride quality and overall performance.

As we’ve just mentioned, Nissan will share many technologies with Mitsubishi. For example, the next-generation Triton/L200 will also ride on Nissan’s platform, while there are also reports that the new Navara may borrow some technologies from Mitsubishi as well. This particularly refers to the drivetrain, whereas the new Navara could use the new generation of Mitsubishi’s excellent full-time 4WD system, known as Super Select. We also expect that the new Navara will continue improving its excellent suspension and chassis setup and that this pickup will remain one of the rare models that features a fully independent rear suspension, which has a huge impact on the overall ride quality.

2024 Nissan Navara CarExpert

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Of course, we also count on a completely new styling, which could take some inspiration from the recently redesigned Frontier. In any case, visual changes will mostly be evolutionary.


The Navara has always been one of the best-looking pickups on the market when it comes to interiors. However, the current generation has been around for a decade, and it starts to look old, especially when compared to much younger models. That’s why we expect a completely new cabin with the next generation, which should implement more modern aesthetics and finer materials.

Also, we count on the implementation of new technologies, starting from the new infotainment system, which would come with a bigger screen, crisper graphics and new connectivity features. Other modern tech and convenience features are expected as well.

We expect to see familiar cab layouts on offer, including the larger crew cab style, as well as Nissan’s iteration of the extended cab, known as the King Cab.

2024 Nissan Navara Engines

Finally, there is the matter of the powertrain, where we don’t expect significant changes. We expect that the new generation will carry on with a familiar 2.3-liter turbodiesel, which is currently available in two variants – the base single-turbo version puts out 160 horsepower, while the twin-turbo model offers around 190 horsepower. Of course, the new model might bring some power increase, while we also expect to see a new 9-speed automatic transmission.

Some sources also speculate about some sort of electrification. At this point, there are two possibilities for Navara. We could see the new e-Power system at work, or the company may go for a more conventional setup and use Mitsubishi’s well-known plug-in hybrid system.

2024 Nissan Navara Digimods

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2024 Nissan Navara Release Date

We expect that the 2024 Nissan Navara will arrive sometime in the next year. Of course, the competition will remain the same, in the form of models like Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max etc.

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