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Nissan Navara is a mid-size (compact) truck available worldwide. Well, in the major market, in the US, it appears as Frontier. In some countries, buyers will get this pickup as NP300. But, most markets will see it as Navara. For the next season, the Japanese company is preparing big changes. Will it be enough for the truck to enter the new generation. Still no words or rumors about it. Still, be sure that the redesign of the 2020 Nissan Navara will stun the fans and competition.

Among many changes, the Japanese company will pay a lot of attention to the interior. The exterior is also under reconstruction, but we believe the same platform is going to underpin the 2020 Nissan Navara. Similar sizes, but reduced weight are a result of the usage of new materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. We won’t see too many modifications of the existing engine lineup. On the other hand, one of the major additions for the Nissan Navara 2020 could be a hybrid engine.

2020 Nissan Navara front view

2020 Nissan Navara Features, Styling

As the vehicle that is available worldwide, the 2020 Nissan Navara will offer various technology and packages of equipment. Of course, different names of trim levels will bring similar features. The Japanese company is putting the focus on three things – comfort, safety, and infotainment. Every segment will present various boosts. Of course, high-end models will bring the most equipment, so likes of Black Edition trim will be a nearly premium pickup.

Still, the new Nissan Navara 2020 will offer many driver aid features. All of them could be controlled from the dashboard and a huge infotainment screen. Models with the 4×4 drive system will include a hill start assist and hill descent control. Sensors on the rear end will be quite helpful. Standard pickup brings cloth seats, while the leather remains optional or available at high-end trucks. Dual-zone climate and auto air conditioning systems are part of the base package. Also, Nissan paid a lot of attention to seats and driver’s comfort.

2020 Nissan Navara side view


On the safety end, we will find features such as side impact, knee, and curtain airbags. The 2020 Nissan Navara will offer a reverse camera and features such as electronic brakes, ABS, and traction control system. Vehicle dynamic control remains optional, as well as BLSD car clock with electronic timer, and brake assist.


Nissan is developing the new infotainment system. Parts of the new generation will be available for 2020 Nissan Navara. Well, it will show the full potential in the US version – Nissan Frontier. The new generations of vehicles and smartphones must go together. So, the NissanConncet will try to make a pairing and controlling easier. More and more smartphone apps will be available. We still don’t know where will Apple CarPlay and Android Auto be available – which markets and what trim levels. Of course, navigation is optional, even for some non-base trim levels. Bluetooth remains standard.


The new 2020 Nissan Navara will bring the new equipment that will improve overall comfort. Well, when you have cool infotainment and safety systems, the impression jumps in other segments as well. New seats will be more comfortable. Standard offer includes cloth, while buyers can get leather buckets. Driver’s seat will get power adjusting system. Still, the base models will get fewer ways than the upper trims.

2020 Nissan Navara Specs

Recently, Nissan updated the range of its engines for the mid-size truck. Part of the lineup became a 2.3-liter dCi diesel engine. This one became the most popular option worldwide. No matter if you pick Navara or NP300, it is able to deliver either 160 or 190 hp. Also, its torque will increase the towing capacity, while the fuel economy remains at low levels for a vehicle over 207 inches long. Buyers will choose between a six-speed manual transmission and a seven-pace auto gearbox. Further choices include all-wheel drive as the optional system to 4×2 system with power distribution to the rear axle.

Optionally, the 2020 Nissan Navara comes with a petrol engine. It is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder unit, that is used by its US sibling. Frontier can produce 150 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. Still, this truck optionally uses a V6  drivetrain that puts out more energy (260 hp / 280 pound-feet). Also, the US version of the Nissan Navara uses totally different transmission boxes with five gears. Again, manual or automatic box – it is up to buyers. Of course, this engine is the most environmental-friendly.

The last option is a 2.5-liter diesel. It is not quite popular, and only a few markets will offer this kind of a drivetrain. A four-cylinder engine can produce 190 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. It became part of the Navara’s lineup in 2004 and it is still there, 15 years later.

2020 Nissan Navara Hybrid

The biggest change in the new truck will be a hybrid engine. We still don’t have an official confirmation of these rumors, but something is happening definitely. Nissan already plans to upgrade some of its crossovers and SUVs. Currently, only Nissan Rogue uses this technology. But, the competition is growing, and the Japanese company must keep up the pace, especially with Toyota. The 2020 Nissan Navara hybrid could be the test for the more important launch of the Frontier. It is not a surprise anymore when the European vehicles are getting such upgrades before the US models.

2020 Nissan Navara Competition

The mid-size pickup truck segment is very crowded recently. Australia, Europe, South America, and other non-US markets are not offering full-size models. So, the popularity of Navara varies from country to country, depending on the competition. The most rivals this pickup will see in Australia. Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, and Ford Ranger are main rivals there. First and third one is also European models. Here, VW Atlas and Mercedes-Benz X-Class are also growing models. Renault Alaskan and Fiat Fullback are fresh pickups, and we will see how these are going to perform in this segment. Well, the first couple of years are promising. Although we will see a lot of similarities between 2020 Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200 / Triton, these two will be rivals as well. 

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