2023 GMC Sierra EV: What We Know So Far


It’s no secret that GM has big plans for the future regarding electrification and the 2023 GMC Sierra EV is part of this plan too. The company prepares an all-electric pickup and of course, it will use a familiar nameplate, in order to give it an initial swing. In reality, the new EV Sierra won’t have many things in common with the conventional pickup. The two models will share the name, but each one will feature a unique design.

Naturally, the 2023 GMC Sierra EV will become a part of GM’s EV family. It will share parts with models like GMC Hummer EV, but we have no doubt it will come with lots of unique design solutions as well. At this point, most details are unknown, but some aspects of the pickup are easy to predict. The new model is expected to hit the market sometime next year.

2023 GMC Sierra EV spy photo

2023 GMC Sierra EV Design

As we already mentioned, the officials are mostly quiet about design characteristics. Still, some things about the 2023 GMC Sierra EV are relatively easy to predict. This particularly refers to the mechanical aspect of the vehicle, which is expected to be shared with other EV models that are coming, starting from the all-electric Hummer, as well as the all-electric Silverado. The latter will have most in common with the electric Sierra, just like it’s the case with conventional versions of the nameplates.

Among things that are for sure, we know that the 2023 Sierra EV will ride on the company’s new Ultium platform and among other characteristics, this architecture supports battery capacities from 50 to 200kW, which indicates all kinds of different configurations on the offer.

2023 GMC Sierra EV spy shot

Exterior and Interior Design

When it comes to the exterior design, the testing model has been around for a while. However, it still wears a complete camouflage, so it’s hard to talk about styling solutions. However, we presume that a lot of inspiration will be taken from the conventional Sierra, but there is no doubt that there will be a lot of details that accentuate the model’s all-electric nature.

The same story is with the interior design. We count on a rather simple and functional layout but that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect a couple of quirky details. Also, we expect that the 2023 GMC Sierra EV will come with different cab layouts on the offer. Base models will probably come with a single cab layout, while the crew cab model should stand at the top of the offer.

Some sources even suggest that the company will use familiar badges for the trim-level organization. This would mean that we could see familiar trim level names, such as Base, SLE, SLT and, of course, Denali.

2023 GMC Sierra EV spy

2023 GMC Sierra EV Drivetrain

As we’ve just mentioned, the Ultium platform supports a variety of configurations regarding batteries and electric motors. So, base versions will probably come with a single electric motor setup. Of course, AWD versions should come too, in multiple stages regarding power. The same thing goes with batteries. We count on different capacities, which would provide different numbers regarding the max range. At this point, it’s still early for numbers, whether it’s about power, range or towing capacity.

2023 GMC Sierra EV Release Date and Price

We believe that the 2023 GMC Sierra EV will hit the market by the end of 2022. Some rough estimations suggest a starting price of around 55.000 dollars, which the most expensive variants will probably go over $75.000.

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