Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Rendered: We Don’t Like It!


For a quite long time, Tesla Electric Pickup Truck is one of the most anticipated pickups around. The reason is quite simple, as we are talking about one of the first all-electric vehicles of this type on the road. The new model will hit the market is a couple of days, but already have loads of rendering photos and the fact is, we don’t like how the new truck is going to look like.

Still, we won’t make some early judgments, as the premiere is near. After all, the company promises some pretty serious capabilities, both in terms of traditional truck characteristics and those things that are typical for EVs, such as range.

Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Styling

There is no doubt that styling is the most interesting thing about the Tesla Electric Pickup Truck at the moment. Models like Rivian R1T already came with impressive performances and range, so there’s no way we will be surprised with Tesla numbers. On the other side, it is obvious that Tesla is playing on the styling card. The new model will be something completely different from what we’ve been considering as a traditional truck vehicle. We are about to see a completely new approach to truck design.

As we already mentioned, there have been several rendering photos of the new Tesla Electric Pickup Truck on the network and all of them have one thing in common. Yes, we are talking about that futuristic styling approach. It looks like the new model will come with a so-called cybertruck layout. All these photos look like they’ve come directly from sci-fi movies of the ‘80s. We don’t like that for several reasons and the biggest one is the fact that Tesla Electric Truck loses some of the essentials of a pickup truck. It may look cool in the eyes of a teenager, but many experts suggest that such a design approach would hardly provide satisfying performances and capabilities. On the other side, Tesla’s promises are quite the opposite. Time will tell, we guess.

Tesla Pickup Truck Rendering

Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Range and Towing Capacity

Although the exact numbers are still a secret, this company promises spectacular performances. First of all, there is a range, the most important thing about electric vehicles. Considering that the biggest battery pack in Rivian R1T should be able to provide a max range of 400 miles, we presume that Tesla tends to beat that number. The same thing goes for performances, as we presume the new Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will definitely be able to hit 60 in less than three seconds.

On the other side, the towing capacity seems a little bit intriguing. Judging on Mr. Musk’s posts on social networks, the Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will be able to tow much more than traditional internal-combustion counterparts. To remind you, an average full-size truck can tow around 12.000 pounds. However, it is still questionable whether Tesla will be able to design such trucks, considering that towing doesn’t go that easy with electric pickups. After all, the R1T can tow “just” 11.000 pounds, despite a huge amount of power and stellar acceleration.

Tesla Pickup Truck drawing

Price And Release Date

Another intriguing thing about this model is the price. The company’s goal is to offer a vehicle that costs around 50.000 dollars. Is this possible to achieve with an all-electric pickup truck? We are not sure. If Tesla does this, the Tesla Electric Truck will be two times cheaper than the all-electric F-150. The premier is set for November 21st.

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