2023 Tesla Semi Truck Production Delayed For 2023


It’s been a long time since Tesla announced that they are entering the big guys game. Tesla’s Class 8 truck has been in development for nearly five years and besides lots of hype, we’ve seen a lot of delays as well. The last one suggests that the new model won’t come before 2023, so we will call it the 2023 Tesla Semi Truck in this article.

Meanwhile, the number of orders has gotten pretty high and if we can trust our insiders, there are between 12.000 and 18.000 units that are still waiting for certain parts to be finished. Of course, semiconductors are the main thing that’s missing, something that bothers every carmaker in the world these days. Unfortunately, other parts are missing as well. Considering the current situation in the industry, as well as Tesla’s practice to delay launches numerous times, we won’t exclude the possibility to see further delays as well.

2023 Tesla Semi Truck

2023 Tesla Semi Truck Design

The 2023 Tesla Semi Truck has been in the works for a pretty long time, as we already mentioned. The first prototypes were presented five years ago and from what we can see, the new truck will come with several interesting design solutions. Of course, we are talking about a typical Class 8 design from the outside. However, things are notably different on the inside. This truck will come with a cabin design where the driver is located at the center of the cab. There will be just one jump passenger seat that’s removable, while there is no sleeping area. Typically for Tesla, there are almost no physical controls on the dashboard, just a couple of large screens – one on each side of the steering wheel.

2023 Tesla Semi Truck Interior

When it comes to performance, we don’t know much about electric motors and their specs. On the other hand, Tesla claims 0-60 time in 5.0-seconds unloaded and 20 seconds fully loaded. Also, the truck should be able to hit 60 mph on a 5% uphill pretty easily.

The company also claims a max range of around 620 miles. Also, Tesla announced that the process of installing a network of “Megachargers” will start soon. It will include a network of super-fast chargers that will be able to charge 400 miles in just 30 minutes. Some estimations suggest that these “Megachargers” will feature a charging output of one megawatt. The first “Megacharger” was installed in November this year, in Nevada.


Of course, we expect that the 2023 Tesla Semi Truck will come fully loaded with tech features. Among them, we also expect to find a semi-autonomous driving system. Also, Tesla is developing a system that would allow several units to operate in an autopilot-based convoy, led by a truck with a driver.

2023 Tesla Semi Truck Prototype


Tesla isn’t the only manufacturer that’s developing an all-electric Class 8 truck. There are several more major names in the business that are working on their models, such as  BYD Company, Daimler AG, Lion Electric Company, Nikola Motor, Peterbilt, Toyota, Volvo etc.

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