Tesla Cybertruck Pulls F-150 – How Fair Was This Tug of War?


These days, we are constantly hearing stories about the new Tesla Cybertruck. The new, all-electric futuristic pickup truck had a premiere and the demand for it is already huge, as the company claims they’ve already received 200.000 orders or something like. As a part of the promotion, we saw a video that shows how the new electric truck literally toys with a common internal-combustion vehicle, the F-150 in this case. However, most of us wonder how fair was this tug of war actually?

Tesla Cybertruck vs F-150

Tug of War, Fair or Not?

The video clearly shows an absolute dominance of the new all-electric pickup truck, but let’s check the details. Many believe that this wasn’t a fair competition, considering that the Tesla Cybertruck was probably some of the entry-level versions of the current-generation F-150. The first and most obvious thing you can see is that the F-150 features rear-wheel drive, while the Cybertruck has AWD.

Also, the new pickup is significantly heavier and probably much more powerful. Some sources suggest that the most basic 2.7-liter V6 was used in this test. On the other side, the Californian pickup probably came in the most powerful version. Most reports suggest a max output of around 800 horsepower and 1000 pound-feet of torque. You will agree, things are pretty clear here.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck – Police, Fire, Military and More

Aside from a little controversial battle between Tesla Cybertruck and F-150, the fact is that the new truck draws a lot of attention. Due to its futuristic design, enthusiasts from all over the world already started to suggest all kinds of potential versions of this truck. You can find loads of rendering photos that show potential police or military versions, for example. Given the models look, these rendering photos look really cool, and these special versions would definitely be something we’ve seen in many sci-fi movies from the ‘80s.

Tesla Cybertruck Could Get a Smaller Version

This came directly from Elon Musk. The Tesla Cybertruck may get a smaller version in the future. Considering how much attention the new model draws, this seems natural. Therefore, such a truck may come in the following years. We presume it would be designed to compete with mid-size pickup trucks like Tacoma and Colorado. Details are yet to come.

Tesla Cybertruck Police

Tesla Cybertruck For 50.000 dollars

During all these months of waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck, one of the most intriguing things was the price. From the very beginning, the company had a goal to make a relatively affordable pickup truck and it looks like this will happen. It looks like the new Tesla Cybertruck will really cost around 50.000. Of course, keep in mind that the company prepares all kinds of versions, with different outputs, larger batteries, and longer range. There’s no doubt that some more capable versions will cost much more.

Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Rendered: We Don’t Like It!

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