2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class: Time for Another Try?


With the original X-Class, the German carmaker had an idea to bring genuine luxury to the pickup truck segment. That model was introduced back in 2017 and eventually, the model failed. It was discontinued already in 2020, due to slow sales. Simply, the model was luxurious but that wasn’t enough to draw customers from traditional carmakers. More precisely, this was nothing more than a fancier Navara. Nowadays, it looks like the company is planning to bring back the nameplate. It looks like the 2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class will revive the nameplate and this time, the German manufacturer wants to make things right.

What does this actually mean, it’s hard to tell at this point. We can only speculate about the possible design characteristics and we can remember a few possible directions of the new iteration. One would include a completely new design, based on the next-generation Navara. The other one suggests complete electrification.

2024 Mercedes-Benz X-Class

2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class Design

So, there are two possibilities for the 2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class. The first one would be to see a Navara-based pickup again. Nissan’s pickup is an excellent machine that can serve as a basis for any pickup truck and with the next generation coming soon, we could also see the new X-Class.

That model would be based on the next-generation Navara, which will probably continue riding on the familiar but significantly updated F-Alpha platform. So, you probably wonder what could Mercedes-Benz do differently from the first time to make the new model successful.

Well, we presume that the German manufacturer would tend to offer a more luxurious package, with a finer interior and more tech features. Mechanical upgrades are possible too, especially in terms of the powertrain. The previous model was offered with a couple of familiar diesel engines, which were all quite capable and refined. This time, things could go more extreme in the way that we could see a gasoline version as well. That could be one of the company’s familiar units, such as the new 3.0-liter turbo inline-four, which would certainly make a difference. Of course, some sort of electrification would be expected as well, maybe even a plug-in hybrid setup.

2024 Mercedes-Benz X-Class render

What about an all-electric 2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class?

We are living in an electrified era of the automotive industry, where every carmaker tends to electrify its lineup in the shortest period. The German carmaker is among the industry leaders in this aspect, so an all-electric pickup sound quite likely. The 2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class would benefit from the company’s advanced technologies and in this case, it probably wouldn’t share much with the Navara.

Instead, it would become a part of the EQ family, so we presume that the company would use the EQX moniker. This model would come with an all-electric setup, so many parts would be shared with models like EQE and EQS, not just in terms of electric motors and battery, but also in terms of aesthetics as well, where to front end would come with the same grille and lighting groups. Of course, the crew cab layout would be the only one on offer, while we also won’t exclude the possibility to see full-size dimensions, which would put this model in competition with trucks like F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck.

2024 Mercedes-Benz X-Class Interior

2024 Mercedes Benz X-Class: Could It Happen?

Although these rumors suggest some pretty logical things, the fact that the officials are still quiet and that the previous X-Class was pretty unsuccessful indicates that the chances to see this model in production aren’t too big. Time will tell, so stay tuned for future updates.

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