2022 GMC Syclone Comeback: What We Know and What We Expect


Once upon a time, GMC amazed the automotive world with a hi-performance pickup truck that came as the Syclone. At the time, a hi-performance truck was something completely new and this particular model remains an icon up to this day. Moreover, good examples are really hard to find and cost a real fortune. So, it’s no wonder that one tuning house from New Jersey came to an idea to make a new one, which would arrive as the 2022 GMC Syclone.

At this point, we know that the new version will be very limited in terms of the number of units build. Also, we know it will closely resemble the original, despite the fact that it will be based on the current-generation Canyon. Details about the engine are yet to come.

2022 GMC Syclone

2022 GMC Syclone Engine

As we’ve just mentioned, details about the engine are yet to come. While the original was characterized by a monstrous V8 engine, the new version could easily come with six-cylinders only. Allegedly, the current 3.6-liter V6 will undergo significant upgrades. In the standard version, this engine puts out 308 horsepower and with upgrades that would also include a supercharge, the max output would go up to 455 horsepower, reports say.

On the other side, many believe that the 2022 GMC Syclone could also go with eight cylinders. In that case, we would probably see GM’s smaller iteration, a 5.3-liter Small Block engine, which in standard variants puts out around 355 horsepower. With all the upgrades, the max power could count all-away up to 750 horses, according to rumors.

2022 GMC Syclone engine

2022 GMC Syclone Design

Of course, the engine upgrade won’t be the only interesting thing on the 2022 GMC Syclone. As we already mentioned, the new model will be based on the current-generation Canyon, but you may count on loads of upgrades. Of course, the styling is the first thing that comes to mind and we expect that the new model will closely resemble the original. This would include completely new bodywork, along with new wheels and everything painted in black. Just like the original, we expect that the new model will come exclusively in an Extended Cab layout.

Mechanical upgrades are expected too. At this point, we don’t know the details but we have no doubt that the 2022 GMC Syclone will feature a completely new suspension and chassis setups. You may expect a much lower ground clearance, which provides a lower center of gravity and better handling, while we also count on bigger brakes that will be able to deal with the additional amounts of power.


Naturally, some interior modifications will be made as well. At this point, it’s hard to talk about details, but we count on a couple of visual upgrades. For example, we could see things like new color schemes, but we won’t be surprises if we see something more serious as well. For example, we could see new, sporty seats, as well as things like a new instrument cluster, steering wheel etc.

On the other side, we are pretty sure that tuners from New Jersey will keep most of the standard equipment that GMC offers, especially in terms of tech goodies. This means you may count on an 8-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration and a bunch of safety and driver-assist features.

2022 GMC Syclone price

2022 GMC Syclone Release Date and Price

At this point, it’s still early to talk about the exact date, but expect to see the first examples in the second half of the year. Keep in mind that just 100 units will come, so the price will probably be quite high. Some sources suggest that base versions could go around 75.000 dollars.


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