2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 ultimate off-road Hennessey truck


Hennessey Performance is the performance-tuning company that made one of the meanest trucks in the earth even tougher. Yes, we are talking about the Ford F-150 Raptor. Ok, it is obvious that some upgrades boosted aggressive appearance, and drivetrain system i getting more power.  But, the 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 is totally unexpectable creation.

First of all, its output reaches 600 horses. Also, the body modifications include dual rear wheel 6×6 drive system. There is also a truck with standard setup, but that is totally different tuning and configuration. Hennessey made an update package for 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 to provide more power, torque, and off-road capabilities. Driving this pickup, it is hard to find an obstacle that will stop it. Well, the major stumbling block is the price.

2018 Ford Velociraptor

2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 Off-Road Upgrades

If you thought that Ford Raptor is an ultimate off-road truck, you are making a terrible mistake. Well, it is one of the most deserving factors on this performance-tuned truck with 6×6 drive. But, the 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 adds more features and parts to make Raptor even tougher.

The 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 will produce 600 and more horsepower thanks to twin-turbo system. It was needed since the 6×6 setup needs more energy for a smoother ride (if it could be called smooth). Besides turbochargers, there is also a special exhaust with stainless steel modifications. Furthermore, Hennessey Performance added intercooler (air-to-air model) and plumbing.

However, there are also optional upgrades as well. Buyers can ask for Brembo brakes both for front and rear wheels. Of course, for better off-road performance, there are special tires and bigger wheels. The 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 will have LED lights for headlamps and interior. Electronic is also under revisit and there are re-tuned factory computer and armoring systems.

2018 Ford Velociraptor side view

List of Unique Features

2.9 Liter Supercharger System (7 psi boost)
Air-to-Water Intercooler
Fuel Injector Upgrade
Fuel System Upgrade
Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
VelociRaptor bumpers front & rear
LED front lights
Stage 2 off-road suspension w/ 6-inch Lift
Hennessey 20-inch alloy wheels
37-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires
Hennessey & VelociRaptor V8 exterior badges
Hennessey embroidered headrests
Serial numbered plaques (interior & engine bay)
Professional Installation
HPE Engine Management Calibration
Chassis Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
3 year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty


Under the hood of the 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 is the drivetrain we can find in standard offer. It is a 5.0-liter V8 unit. Ford F-150 Raptor is using a high-output V6 engine with capability to produce 450 hp. The HPE finds larger displacement easier to tune. A 5.0-liter is able to deliver 395 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The 2018 Ford Velociraptor boost it to 600 ponies. The next edition for 2019 will go even further. SEMA show will show the truck that is capable to deliver over 750 hp.

Thanks to the 2.9 Liter Supercharger System, the new Velociraptor gets so much power. First, the HPE installs all the standard features, and then they tune the drive system.

2018 Ford Velociraptor engine

For better off-road performance there are extra six inches of ground clearance thanks to the unique lift kit, and Stage 2 off-road suspension. BF Goodrich KM03 off road 37-inch tires are an important part of this upgrade. Finally, fans will find Hennessey Performance badges all around the truck. Interior badging includes specially embroidered headrests.


The price of the 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 is $350,000. Such custom upgrades and high outputs are definitely worth every cent since whoever purchase it, will be one of the rare persons on earth having a feeling driving such a powerful unit. On the other hand, only a few enthusiasts can afford it.

About Hennessey Performance

Velociraptor debuted in 2017. But, behind this truck are many other vehicles and upgrades by Hennessey Performance. John Hennessey, the founder, tuned the first car in 1991. Back then, it was the Mitsubishi 3000GT vr4. John tuned turbochargers and exhaust to compete in Nevada Open Road Challenge. After the initial success, John Hennessey continued to tune various vehicles. The first order came in 1993 when the company had to build custom Viper Venom 500 model.

The HPE grew as their customizations. Viper was soon able to burst 650 hp and reach 203 mph in 1997. The new millennium brought more cars to tune. Lotus Elise, HPE Ford GT 1000 Twin Turbo, Cadillac CTS V, and Corvette ZR1 are some of them before 2010. In the latest decade, we could see high-output versions of Venom GT, Nissan GT-R, Supercharged Hennessey Ford Mustang GT, and 1,000 HP ZL1 Camaro a.k.a. The Exorcist. Finally, in 2017 HPE raised the game to another level with Velociraptor.

2018 Ford Velociraptor rear view

We could say the 2018 Ford Velociraptor 6×6 has competition in Chevy Silverado Yenko. It is Specialty Vehicle Engineering’s creature with the output of 800 hp. However, these custom trucks are not competing for each other, since only true fans of Ford and Chevy pickups go after these custom versions.

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