Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck Concept: Production-Ready Truck


Lexus sales jumped for 7 percent this year compared to the previous. Toyota’s premium branch is growing and chiefs are considering the next step. One of the options is to build a minivan, and the other one is Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck. Well, we would like to see the second story come true. Also, a truck has an excellent base in Toyota Tacoma, so upgrading it and making luxury model is a new step in the business.

Well, we can hear various rumors about other companies planning the same. However, this is not so attractive segment. Few truckmakers offer high-end trim levels which are very close to premium class. And the sales of these models are not so good. On the other hand, the Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck would be full of the latest features, so buyers don’t have to bother what is premium and what is not.

Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck

Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck Could Enter Production Sooner Than We Thought

Mercedes is going to launch its X-Class truck sooner or later. It is just a matter of time when this vehicle will arrive at the US. It is based on the Nissan Navara (Frontier in the United States) and it will be the main rival to Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck. Also, the X-Class truck will speed up the development of its competitor, so we could see Toyota’s premium truck sooner than Mercedes-Benz pickup. But, this is not happening before 2020.

Well, we can hear info that concept is ready, and bosses are weighing the best moment for the launch. Currently, the priority is in the crossover segment, and Toyota is going to launch a diesel version of Tacoma and Tundra. So, the Lexus Pickup Truck is not currently at top of the pecking order in the Japanese company. However, the new model could arrive sooner than everyone expects.


Well, this is going to be a risky move by Toyota. We could witness a few more luxury trucks being discontinued because of the slow sales. For example, Cadillac Escalade EXT is the most famous. General Motors has been building it for ten years before they decided to terminate this project. Although fans were calling for its comeback, the company has no intention to bring it back any time soon. By the way, this pickup was a response to Lincoln Blackwood, the luxury version of the Ford F-150. However, this one lasted even shorter.

Yes, truckers in the US are willing to splash the cash for a pickup, but utility remains the priority over luxury. That is the main thing Toyota has to work on. But, we saw how they are closing the gap between these two segments on Land Cruiser. Why we can’t see it for Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck?

Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck review

New Premium Truck – The Perfect Combination of Tacoma Truck and LX/GX SUV

Well, it is obvious that Lexus needs a matrix for the new truck. The good thing is that parent company is Toyota. By this, the great base and architecture come from Tacoma pickup. It is obvious that Lexus is after a mid-size truck and not the full-size. In the matter of fact, it can be the same as Toyota Tacoma, with few updates. For example, outside we will definitely see the well-known grille and new headlights. The back will be pretty much the same as on its non-luxury version. You don’t have to be an expert so assume there will be many other additions all around the Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck. Unfortunately, we won’t get TRD Pro version for sure.


While there are few things that will make Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck different from Toyota Tacoma outside, the cabin is going to be totally overhauled. First of all, the premium model is going to use a four-door configuration. We believe short bed comes as the base setup with this cabin. Inside, a lot of familiar items will be shared with big SUVs by Lexus. The GX and LX are great three-row models that offer plenty of options, comfort, and safety equipment. These will give the true premium touch to Tacoma and make it a luxury pickup truck.

Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck interior

Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck Specs

The Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck will also share drivetrains with its stablemate, that is for sure. While the entire industry is waiting for a diesel engine, the premium model is not going to get it. Some experts also doubt in a four-cylinder engine. The luxury truck could deliver only a V6 as the most capable unit currently available. It can create 280 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission sends power to 4×2 or 4×4 driver system. Buyers will also be able to pick a manual transmission.


It is hard to predict the cost of the Lexus Luxury Pickup Truck. Having in mind that fully-loaded versions of F-150 cost over $60,000, the smaller models could be around $50,000. The most expensive compact trucks in the market are off-road versions of Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, valued at $42,000.

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