2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado 800hp pickup truck


Specialty Vehicle Engineering developed a new model. Based on the full-size Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, they prepared a performance-oriented version of this pickup. The 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado will be a custom beast that will put out over 800 hp. This is not the first time the SVE is borrowing this model for tuning. It also has a Lowrider and Off-Road Lifted and Leveled versions. All of them can deliver between 500 and 800 hp. Now, Specialty Vehicle Engineering chooses to pick Yenko name.

What is Yenko? It is a dealership located in Pennsylvania. This shop was open between 1949-1982. However, they became famous thanks to custom-made pony-cars during the 60’s. Their builds became one of the worthiest collectibles among car collectors.

Well, the 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado doesn’t have too much with this company. In 1982 it was sold, and in 2009 General Marketing Capital Incorporated purchased the Yenko brand. But, the new truck is built by Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE).

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado

About Specialty Vehicle Engineering

Founder of the SVE, Ed Hamburger, is in the tuning industry since 1970. Previously, he had a few businesses before he founded Street Legal Performance – SLP. That is the same company that exists nowadays as Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

Nowadays, it is not so simple to develop high-output machines because of emission and efficiency standards. That is why the SVE works closely with GM. You will find their tuning of Camaro, GMC Yukon, Chevy Suburban… and the latest one is 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado. Lately, the company started to use Jeep and Dodge superchargers to create more power for their products.

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado top view

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado Specs

The 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado will carry a special engine. Of course, the SVE creates a custom drivetrain with high output. This time, engineers are choosing a 6.8-liter unit. In pair with a new supercharger, the 2019 Yenko Silverado will be ready to offer 800 hp. The previous edition for 2018, Silverado Lowrider was also capable to create an equal amount of energy.

The supercharger is the main part of the entire system. It is a custom-made charger that can come in custom colors. The engine block also gets unique fuel injection and cylinder heads. There are also steel crankshaft and H-beam roads to improve durability and strength. Besides 800 horsepower, the drivetrain also creates 750 lb-ft of torque. The 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado uses the standard transmission from the original truck and sends power to all wheels.

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado side view

Performance, 0-60 Acceleration, Max Speed

With 800 horsepower we can expect miracles from 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado. But, this is a huge and heavy vehicle, so its 0-60 time is not dropping under 4 seconds. Whatsoever, the pickup stops the clock at 4.3 sec. For a quarter mile run, Yenko Silverado needs 11 seconds, reaching 120 mph. Max speed that 800 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque can achieve is 150 mpg. We won’t talk about fuel economy. Having so much power under the hood shows the owner doesn’t care about consumption. But, be sure the 2019 Yenko Silverado will be very thirsty.

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado Parts

Besides high output, SVE tried to make the new truck distinctive with a unique design. For that, they needed custom parts and paints. Stainless dual exhaust systems carry dual wall with the cat-back design. Brembo brake calipers with 6 pistons are painted in red. Other custom colors are also available. Wheels are 22-inchers with the 6-spoke layout and gunmetal finishes. SyC center caps are also there. Michelin delivers tires. Model is Premier LTX 275/45/R22. Front springs package includes a 2″ lower progressive rate and the rear – 5″ rear lowering set. Swaybars are custom-made. Black hood inserts and SYC graphics are eye-catching. Side straps have Yenko/SC graphics on them.

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado rear view

2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado Ownership

If you are about to buy the 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado, you must wait for the next edition. Or, you can contact the Specialty Vehicle Engineering to find out the release date of this truck. For the 2018 season, the SVE built only 25 units. These are delivered to Chevy dealers. According to reports, trucks were not in showrooms for too long. However, the SVE will build more units for the upcoming season.

When it can be, we still don’t know. However, before the second quarter, we can’t expect it. After big car shows in Detroit and New York, the pickup could debut. Again, the Specialty Vehicle Engineering is not going to make too many copies. So, if you want 2019 Chevy Yenko Silverado, stay put and listen to rumors and news.

The price of the 2019 Yenko Silverado will probably go over $50,000. The truck comes with the Z71 base package and standard cab / short box configurations. The company also offers a warranty for 36,000 miles or three years. Also, there is a warranty for supercharger and non-powertrain component.

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