2019 Ford Lobo: Review, Price and Specs


When you go south, as soon as you cross the border, you will see a lot of Ford F-150 trucks there. But wait! Why does it say LOBO on these pickups? The legendary truck is not using the same name in this country. Although it is the same vehicle, buyers in Mexico will find it in dealerships as 2019 Ford Lobo. Well, the base F-150 is not available there, but it comes only from XLT trim. Also, there are no Raptor, King Ranch and Limited model.

On the other hand, the 2019 Ford Lobo will use similar drivetrains as its sibling from the US. Well, petrol ones. We still expect all details about 2019 Ford F-150 Diesel, which is not coming to Mexico so soon after the premiere in the United States. Check out our entire review about price and specs about the Ford Lobo 2019.

2020 Ford Lobo

2019 Ford Lobo Specs

Let’s start in the engine room. As said, the 2019 Ford Lobo is using similar drivetrain lineup as F-150. The smaller unit is a 3.5-liter V6 drivetrain. A turbocharged engine can provide 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Although the US twin gets a new 3.3-liter unit, this one is not going to be available for Lobo. On the other hand, Ford installs a new 10-speed automatic transmission for some trim levels. A six-speed manual is standard and automatic gearbox is optional.

The XLT trim is cheaper, but it uses a V8 engine only. A 5.0-l motor is available on the US soil as well. Without doubts, this is the most capable unit in the lineup. A V8 engine creates 395 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It uses the same transmission as a 3.5-liter unit. Only XLT trim will offer such engine, while Lariat and Platinum are using V6.


Which trim levels and options are available for the Mexican version of Ford F-150? The entry-level 2019 Ford Lobo is an XLT model with a regular cab and 4×2 drive system. As we climb the ladder, we will find the same truck in the 4×4 variant. The same options are available with Double Cab. It is an equivalent to CrewCab in the USA.

2020 Ford Lobo side view

Top trim levels of the new Ford Lobo 2019 will be Lariat and Platinum. Both configurations are using a Double Cab (CrewCab) and a turbo-six 3.5-liter engine. We can see that King Ranch is missing. On the other hand, F-150 Limited is a premium truck that is too expensive for most markets outside the United States. The same we can say for the Raptor model, which is performance-oriented off-road truck made for US buyers only.

Ford F-150 In Mexico

Although most units in Mexico are using 2019 Ford Lobo badge, there is its twin F-150 in base XL trim available for purchase. Again, buyers cab pick Regular and Double Cab. The XL model is available both with a 3.5-l V6 engine and 5.0-liter V8 drivetrain.

2019 Ford Lobo Prices

The cheapest option if you want to purchase 2019 Ford Lobo is XLT trim with Regular cab and V8 engine that sends power to two wheels. This will cost you 625,000 pesos. A 4×4 drive adds 45,000 pesos atop of that for a Regular or Double cab, which starts at 705,000 pesos. Moving to high-end trim levels with V6 engines, the new Ford Lobo 2019 raises the price over 850,000 for Lariat and 950,000 pesos for the Platinum truck.

Just for comparison, the base Ford F-150 XL in Mexico costs 511,000 pesos. Here, 4×4 drive for V6 engine adds 20,000 pesos. With V8 engine the 2019 Ford F-150 in Mexico costs 640,000 pesos.

2019 Ford Lobo Features

All trucks are using an eight-inch touchscreen display with Sync3 infotainment system. The new 2019 Ford Lobo will also come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. The truck offers a premium design with genuine materials and simplified commands. There is also a nine-speaker audio system to improve overall impression and comfort. Depending on the configuration, Lobo comes with two- or four-door layout. Still, the truck can take up to 5 passengers. Platinum trim level adds a dual moonroof.

2020 Ford Lobo interior

2019 Ford Lobo Raptor

Could this happen? Hardly. But, since the truck already offers a V8 engine, we can’t write off chances for other upgrades. With this, Mexican fans would get the best Lobo they ever saw. For the off-road drive, this version will definitely lift the ride. Well, the same we can see for US version of F-150 Raptor. Also, the Lobo with such a package could get a twin-turbo system to maximize the output. In this case, the truck will be able to create 450 horsepower and sprint to 60 mph in just five seconds.


Another big shot. But, the F-150 will become a hybrid sooner or later. So, the truck could go south and launch a similar version in Mexico. The 2019 Ford Lobo hybrid is a far-fetched story. But, anything related to F-150 is also possible for its Mexican twin.

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