2021 Holden Colorado: What Would It Look Like?


The Holden brand is officially dead. With the brand discontinuation, we’ve seen the discontinuation of all models under this badge, including the popular pickup Colorado. The interesting thing about this truck is that is was selling pretty well in the last couple of years, despite the age. Moreover, it received another update in other parts of the world, where it’s offered under Chevy’s badge. Therefore, here is a short article of how the updated 2021 Holden Colorado would look like. We won’t see it, but we can imagine how it would look like. It would come with changes in various aspects, but primarily in terms of styling. The engine would be upgraded as well.

2020 Holden Colorado

How the 2021 Holden Colorado would look like?

The key of this update would be the new styling. As we are talking about the model that has been around for a full decade, another update wouldn’t change the overall appearance. On the other side, we would see a new front end. We presume it would be pretty much the same as in the South American version called Chevrolet S10, where it still makes some pretty solid sales numbers.

The South American version came with a fair amount of updates for this year and the focus was, as you may presume, on the front end. The 2021 Holden Colorado wouldn’t be any different and it would come with a new front bumper, as well as a new grille design. Moreover, the grille design would differ from trim to trim. So, while the standard models would come with a chrome grille, models like Z71 would rather feature black plastics.

In terms of mechanics, we would probably see some slight revisions to the rear suspension, in order to improve ride quality.

2021 Holden Colorado Render

2021 Chevy S10


When it comes to interior design, most of the things would remain the same. This particularly refers to the overall layout, which is designed in a typical truck manner. Still, some updates would certainly come, particularly in terms of tech features. For example, we would see an updated infotainment system, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, the 2021 Holden Colorado would come with a plethora of advanced safety systems, such as autonomous emergency braking, blind zone warning, and rear-cross traffic alert etc.

2021 Holden Colorado Engine

Things under the hood wouldn’t change in terms of the powertrain, but we would see slight revisions of the familiar 2.8-liter turbodiesel. The well-known oil-burner would receive a slight update, while the power output would remain the same, max power and torque would be available at lower RPMs. So, the max output would go around 147 kW and 470 Nm. Of course, it would come with a familiar 8-speed automatic transmission, while the max towing capacity would remain the same, around 3.5 tons.

2021 Holden Colorado Render

2021 Chevrolet S10 High Country

2021 Holden Colorado Discontinuation

Unfortunately, the 2021 Holden Colorado won’t happen. GM has discontinued this brand so even if we see some new truck models in the future, they wouldn’t be coming under Holden’s badge, but rather as Chevrolet model.

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