2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck


Tesla teased the entire automotive world when they launched semi-truck. Of course, this was an all-electric model, and every next vehicle will be. But, a detail drew attention during the premiere. A pickup truck was sitting at the background image, and that warmed up stories. Well, even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company, repeated few times that the next two projects are pickup and a roadster. For fans, this was enough to start speculating about the next edition and the release date. From what we can hear, the first concept could appear as the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck.

Although it has sense, the company didn’t confirm these stories yet. However, Musk is always mysterious and its hints are like an itch. Tesla is already developing the new SUV. It will be the second one, after Model X. The new one will be more affordable, and its name will probably be Model Y.

And what about the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck? How can be sure this one will be Model T? Tesla’s nomenclature is pretty simple. Model X is a crossover, Model S is a sedan, car for “everyone” is Model E. So, “truck” must be Model T. But, there is a problem. Almost hundred years ago, Ford had Model T as part of its lineup. Well, these two vehicles won’t have anything in common, but Tesla could have problems with obtaining rights to the name.

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck

For example, Audi had the same problem with Q2 and Q4 titles. Alfa Romeo used this before, and the German carmaker wanted these two so bad, to complete the Q1-Q9 lineup. They managed to acquire these rights. Well, Ford is not using the Model T until since 1927. The US carmaker will be ready to give these rights to 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck, but this deal could be worth millions of dollars.

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck – What We Know So Far?

The only official thing about the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck is Elon Musk’s comment that his company is going to produce such a vehicle. And that is all. No release date schedule, price, size info… It is “a priority”. Well, a roadster is as well, and we still don’t know which of these two will be the first to appear. Since the truck market is much larger and more profitable, the company could go after the pickup first. However, it will be easier to develop an all-electric roadster, this one could have an advantage.

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck Specs, Range

The new 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck will definitely get an all-electric powertrain. We can’t expect anything else from this company. However, we can’t know what it could be, since Tesla is always full of surprises. For example, they are using various batteries for the Model X crossover. Its range goes from 75 to 100 kWh. Depending on capacity, the vehicle can run 295 miles between recharges. Some speculations are saying the US carmaker is aiming 500 miles range for its future truck. At this moment, it is unbelievable. But, we must keep tabs opened. Even the slightest chance for Tesla is a possibility.

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck interior

Well, for the pickup truck, the company will need a serious drivetrain. These are working mules and fans won’t be too thrilled to see the stylish, modern vehicle which is not capable to tow. So, the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck will have a hard task – to make peace between utility and luxury, functionality and innovations. Ford F-150 can pull 5,000 pounds with its weakest configuration. Well, Model X crossover has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. With some upgrades, pickup will definitely go up to at least 6,000 pounds.


Tesla is also working on the recharging system that will improve the efficiency. Cheaper and faster charging are goals for the future. Currently, Tesla Model S spends around $10 of electricity to fully recharge a battery with 275-mile range. Furthermore, standard 110-volt outlets can give energy for 5 miles for every one hour of recharging. The battery with a range of 300 miles will be full after 52 hours. A 240-volt outlet makes it 31 miles per hour, 10 hours for 100 percent.

Tesla will also build more supercharging stations. When you find some of these, for vehicles with 300 miles of range, it takes 20 minutes to get 50 percent of the battery. Twenty more minutes, and your vehicle will be at 80 percent. A full recharge takes 75 minutes. More range for the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck means more time on the charging stations. However, innovations will speed up the process. So, the vehicle is not going to stop for much longer.

Also, buyers of the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck will be able to purchase home chargers for a faster refill. These will cost around $1,000. There are also cheaper versions, and by the time the truck appears, the new system will be available.

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck rear view

2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck Competition

Only one company and one model can rival the 2020 Tesla Model T Electric Pickup Truck. Of course, that is the most popular truck of all time – Ford F-150. With yearly sales of almost 1 million units, the pickup is untouchable at the #1 spot in this segment. However, this is not happening by chance. F-150 offers a wide offer and many choices. There are four-cylinder, V6 and V8 engines, petrol, and diesel. There are a luxury and off-road versions, various upgrades, etc.

And finally, there is a plan of electrification of the Ford F-150. First, it would get a hybrid version. Ford will invest a lot of money into the electrification of its vehicles by 2022-2023 seasons. One of the main model to get a hybrid engine will be its best-selling model. However, after that, more and more vehicles will get either hybrid or all-electric drivetrains. Of course, EV truck will be one of the priorities if Tesla sets the challenge with 2020 Model T Electric Pickup. All in all, we will see an interesting battle in the new segment of automotive industry. 

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