2020 BMW Pickup Truck Price, Rumors, Specs


We can hear a few versions of the destiny of the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck. While some say the model could appear very soon, some are denying its arrival. And German carmaker is not making us easier. Some trusted sites are calling BMW fans to wait for its first truck. Well, the vehicle could arrive in Australia first. There, we can see one of the archrivals, Mercedes, delivering X-Class pickup. It is based on Nissan Navara. BMW could make a similar partnership with one of the leading truckmakers to start its life in the new class easier. We can be sure that the pickup is going to take the position in the mid-size luxury segment.

There are also plenty of rumors about the drivetrain for the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck. First, there are powerful diesel motors, which would perfectly fit this kind of vehicle. But, recent Audi and VW scandals are making it a less likely option. We are sure that engineers in this company will find a way to pull it off if the carmaker decides to plant this kind of engine. Well, there are also very capable petrol units. A lot of similarities between 2020 BMW Truck and X6 SUV will be notable, that is for sure.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck

Expectations and Verdict

There are no too many luxury pickups out there. Well, the reason is obvious – the demand is low. Currently, only GMC Canyon Denali could be called the premium truck. All other companies are more oriented to performance and off-road capabilities. Well, buyers are buying trucks that can tow and go everywhere. So, the utility is way ahead of luxury here.

On the other hand, we can hear rumors about many other upcoming premium models. Well, Mercedes-Benz X-Class is already available in some markets. Soon, it will arrive at the US. Also, another archrival, Audi, is also planning to build the truck. Of course, it will belong to the premium class. Furthermore, Audi already has a concept. So, BMW is losing this battle as well. So, the company will have to react fast, not only because of the German companies, but also others. Lincoln and Ford will enter this market sooner or later, and we can also read reports about Infiniti and Lexus pickups.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck side view

With low demand, why do companies are thinking of premium trucks? Well, if the situation changes, all of them want to be ready. Or at least to have a concept ready for further development. That is why the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck is important. It will be a good platform when the Bavarian carmaker decides to start building vehicles in the new category. Well, the unpredictable situation in this segment is still keeping all carmakers away from the luxury market.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck Release Date

Next year Detroit Auto Show is set for summer. These are big news that could draw the attention of all carmakers. Well, the NAIAS is a center of the automotive world. But, this year we couldn’t see any of all the big three German companies. Audi, Mercedes, and BMW opted out of the show. They decided to show its models elsewhere. Well, the summer happening will give more options, testing outside among others. Carmakers will be able to show off, and this could be the perfect chance for the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck to appear. However, the vehicle will debut in the US, that is for sure. This is the major market for these vehicles, and the profit generated here is bigger than in all other countries together. Definitely, fans and BMW will expect a lot from its new arrival.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck interior

2020 BMW Pickup Truck Engines

The new 2020 BMW Pickup Truck is still open for both diesel and petrol engines. Well, the version for the US market is definitely getting the second one. For the diesel, we must wait to see it. A 3.0-liter V6 engine BMW is using for the X7 SUV. This vehicle will have similar dimensions as the upcoming truck, so the same engine could fit there as well. That will mean the pickup can count on 335 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. Such amount of power is more suitable for full-size trucks. However, besides the luxury offering of features, BMW will deliver premium engines and outputs. The company will pair the drivetrain with an eight-speed automatic transmission and buyers will choose between 4×2 and 4×4. Total towing capacity is estimated at around 6,000 pounds.

The diesel engine that could be similar to the petrol one is a 30d model. It is a 3.0-liter unit with the capability to produce 250 hp. In this case, the performance would skyrocket. The truck will be able to achieve a max speed of 130 mph. Also, the towing capacity will be among the best in class. Currently, Chevy Colorado and Jeep Gladiator can tow 7,700 pounds. The only problem is emissions. Engineers must fix this before the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck enters the next phases of development.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck Design

There are few questions about the design of the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck. The first dilemma is if the truck is going to use unibody or body on frame platform. Both of these has its advantages. However, it is likely that BMW will opt for a sportier unibody architecture. Another advantage of this concept is that the company’s SUVs are using platforms which could be used to build a truck.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck rear view

The new model will definitely use the same design language as the X6 and X7 SUVs. The latest models are eye-catching, big, and aggressive – all a truck will need. Well, it is not easy just to turn SUV into a pickup, so we will see a lot of modifications, all around the new model. A four-door layout is certain. It will probably come in combination with a short bed.


The new 2020 BMW Pickup Truck will cost over $60,000. Well, X6 SUV starts at $64,000 and X7 adds almost $10k over that. The last concern is – are the truckers ready to spend so much for a pickup truck? For this amount of money, full-size Ford F-150 with Platinum package is available. Even the off-road oriented Raptor costs around $50,000. So, the price will be the major obstacle for all premium pickup trucks. 

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