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The 2020 Ram Rampage could be the next mid-size truck by the FCA. The company recently launched Jeep Gladiator, but fans would still love to see a pickup with Ram’s badge on it. Rampage nameplate had a short stint during the 80s. However, it managed to remain recognizable even 30 years after the discontinuation. Well, we saw a concept with its name in 2006. Whatsoever, the new Ram Rampage won’t have many things in common with that platform.

Ram needs a mid-size model alongside the Ram 1500 full-size truck. After a few slow years, this segment is reviving. We can see new packages for Toyota Tacoma, Ford decided to bring back Ranger, and other companies are considering adding a model to this class as well. Well, FCA now has a representative in the segment, but Dodge Ram is something that will draw attention. The 2020 Ram Rampage would shake things up in the market.

2020 Ram Rampage review

History, 2006 Concept

Dodge Rampage was a subcompact truck released in 1982. Well, back in that time, companies used to turn their cars into trucks, by only cutting the rear end of a cabin and making the bed. These vehicles used to be very popular, but the arrival of pickup trucks we know today, these sporty versions lost their purpose. For towing, there was a new breed of pickups, while the sportier performance was coming from various sedans and crossover SUVs. So, the Rampage didn’t last for too long. The vehicle was discontinued in 1984.

But, the Dodge Rampage had another appear. Back in 2006 at Chicago auto show, the company presented a new concept. Rampage was ready to return. However, the concept has never entered production. World economy crisis hit the market and most companies killed some of their trucks. Even Ford had to discontinue Ranger in the US. The Rampage concept was interesting since it used a front-wheel drive. Dodge played on unconventional design. Well, after 14 years we can’t expect many of features we saw in 2006 to appear on the new 2020 Ram Rampage.

2020 Ram Rampage front view

2020 Ram Rampage Engines, Specs

Well, the 2020 Ram Rampage has to take the position in the mid-size truck segment. Full-size and heavy-duty slots are not available. On the other hand, performance trucks are not popular nowadays, so there is no interest for FCA to build such a vehicle. Furthermore, like for the Rampage, some rumors are reporting that Ram Dakota could come back in 2022. Definitely, the truckmaker wants to expand the lineup, but in this segment, there is no room for too many models. Currently, crossovers and SUVs are taking most of the market share, so there we can find a lot of variations and subcategories.

So, let’s believe that 2020 Ram Rampage will be a mid-size model. What kinds of engines it can get from the FCA? A Pentastar 3.6-liter unit is an excellent start for this kind of pickup. It is capable to deliver 285 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Also, the powertrain can tow around 6,500 pounds. The new Gladiator also uses a V6 turbodiesel engine. Well, 260 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque are too much for the compact segment. For example, Chevy Colorado is getting 180 hp and 370 lb-ft of twisting power. Well, the new 2020 Rampage would have a great advantage of a towing capacity near 8,000 pounds.

Like other mid-size models, the base version of the 2020 Ram Rampage will come with a four-cylinder unit. That will be the major difference between it and Jeep Gladiator. It will definitely be a 2.4-liter inline-four with 180 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity, in this case, is down to 2,000 pounds, but the Rampage will gain extra miles for MPG rating. With this engine, the new truck will compete with entry-level models of Nissan Frontier and Chevy Colorado, also using four-pot drivetrains.

2020 Ram Rampage Styling

The new 2020 Ram Rampage will be a baby Ram 1500, that is for sure. Well, everything will be smaller. The full-size truck hit the new generation, so a lot of features are going to be used for its smaller stablemate. Rampage will take advantage of the trim leveling.  Big Horn, Laramie, and Rebel will be part of the lineup, every one of these carrying a specific set of features.

The front fascia will get a smaller grille with Ram badge on the horizontal bar. Slimmer lights will make the mid-size model more aggressive. Fog lights are optional. The new pickup will use two-door and four-door cab configuration. The Quad cab will be shorter than the Dual cab, but both setups can take five passengers. The bed will offer short and long variation. Buyers will choose the best option.

2020 Ram Rampage interior

Inside, the cloth is covering seats and upholstery for the base models. Upper trim levels are bringing leather and other premium materials. Uconnect 3 is the current system available for Ram 1500, while the higher trim levels are using 4 and 4c versions. The 4x will bring navigation and a huge 8.4-inch touchscreen display. The 2020 Ram Rampage will offer Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other smartphone connectivity apps. A panoramic sunroof and advanced audio system will be optional.

2020 Ram Rampage Release Date, Price

The release date of the new 2020 Ram Rampage is still unknown. However, the company must speed up the development to get on the line to its rivals. Ford Ranger is back, and the new Chevy Colorado is about to arrive very soon. On the other hand, FCA could be calm for a bit longer with the new Jeep Gladiator coming in 2020. Still, they must bring the Ram mid-size truck to make fans of this lineup happy.

The price of the base truck will be around $22,000. That is what we used to see from this segment. Only Nissan Frontier costs $20,000 but its offer can’t be compared to other pickups. Furthermore, trucks with the four-cylinder engine are taking the small share of sold units. A V6 engine will increase the cost of 2020 Ram Rampage to $25,000. If the huge diesel unit comes as well, its starting price is not going to be under $30,000.  

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