Most Reliable Trucks of The Last Decade in the U.S.


If you need a quality truck, a good thing to know is that you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. Among many trucks on the market, several of them are characterized by excellent reliability ratings. This includes various carmakers and model years, but a general rule is that a certain generation was consistent during the whole production cycle, or for all but redesign years at least. Anyway, here is a list of the most reliable trucks of the last decade in the U.S. market

Ram 1500

           Most Reliable Trucks of The Last Decade in the U.S. Ram 1500

Despite the bad reputation of FCA models, this one turned to be pretty reliable. Of course, common electronics issues are still here, but things like climate control, infotainment system, cruise control, power locks actually work okay. Stay away from 2014 and 2016, as well as from models made before 2012. In terms of mechanics, there are no major issues, especially is you pick models with amazing Hemi V8 engines. Transmission works pretty well as well.

Chevy Silverado 1500

2014 Silverado

Like most vehicles from General Motors, the first redesign years are critical. So, if you avoid the 2014 and 2015 model years, there shouldn’t be bigger problems. Compared to the previous generation, new engines are much better, though the transmission is a little bit noisy. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not durable and reliable. According to J.D. Power, most Silverado models earned 3 stars out of 5, which are pretty much average ratings.

GMC Canyon

Most Reliable Trucks of The Last Decade in the U.S. GMC Canyon

Colorado’s twin seems like a much more desirable truck. It looks much more attractive and also features a pretty nice-looking cabin. Along with great engine choice, it also offers class-leading max towing ratings. Five years after the launch, it turned out that the second generation of this pickup is also quite reliable. In the past, things like pain and fuel system troubled Canyon. Those days are gone and the current model doesn’t have any particular major issue. Still, stay away from first redesign years, as steering wheel issues have been reported on several occasions. All in all, this model definitely earns the place on the list of the most reliable trucks in the past decade.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150

The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades and you may presume that there is definitely a good reason for that. Besides great design, another thing that characterizes these models are pretty high reliability ratings. While there were some troubles with powertrain and transmission in the past, that hasn’t been the case for almost ten years. Practically, the last critical is a 2010 model year, which has troubles with the old V8 engine, as well as with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Since then, almost every F-150 feature slightly above-average reliability ratings.

Toyota Tacoma


You simply can’t make a list of most reliable trucks without Tacoma. While the previous generation was by far the most reliable mid-size truck on the market, that’s not the case with the current model, which debuted four years ago. While the previous model seems almost bulletproof, the new one has a couple of weak points. The first one that comes to mind is the transmission, which is a little bit harsh for today’s standards. Latest reports suggest that Toyota has solved these issues with the recent update Still, that doesn’t change the fact that both second and third are generally highly reliable. Thanks to excellent engines and sturdy construction, these trucks make 300.000 miles with ease.

GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra is somehow far more reliable than the Silverado 1500. Although the two models are practically mechanical twins, it looks like the “GMC” badge has some superpowers which make this truck better. Strong chassis, good V8 engines and lack of electronics bugs are enough reasons to consider this model one of the best models in the class. Add to this an attractive styling and interior design, and we can easily agree that the Sierra 1500 is one of the most desirable used trucks in North America.

Ford Super Duty

Most Reliable Trucks of The Last Decade in the U.S. F-250

In the segment of heavy-duty trucks, Ford is an absolute winner. These hard-working machines aren’t usually too reliable but that’s not the case with this one. This particularly refers to the third generation. 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016 are particularly good, but keep in mind that all models since 2011 have managed to mark above-average predicted reliability ratings. Very good mechanics and a small numbers of in-truck electronics issues and more than enough reasons to consider Ford Super-Duty one of the most reliable trucks in the class of HD machines.

Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier

When you master old technology, you get nothing less but excellent reliability. The Frontier is a perfect example. The current generation has been around for a full 15 years and the most impressive thing is that it still sales pretty well. Of course, the main reason is an affordable price, but excellent reliability ratings play an important role as well. Since 2009, almost every model featured above-average reliability ratings. Moreover, 2009 and 2015 model years have a perfect 5 out of 5 score, according to J.D. Power. Practically, the 2012 model year is the only one you should avoid, as it has surprisingly low 2 out of 5 score according to J.D. Power. Definitely a truck that can serve you for decades.

Toyota Tundra

Most Reliable Trucks of The Last Decade in the U.S. Tundra

Tundra is a legend in many ways and reliability is one of them. Million-mile Tundras have become a pretty common thing on the road. It looks like the large and thirsty V8 engine could last forever. Other parts of the truck are highly reliable as well. After all, eight model years since 2010 marked perfect reliability score according to Consumer Reports. It didn’t make it just once but even then, the result was above average. Among the most reliable trucks, this one dominates the full-size segment.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

With this truck, you can’t go wrong no matter the model year. In the last decade, this truck averaged 4.7 out of 5 in J.D. Power tests, which makes it by far the most reliable truck in North America. Moreover, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 model years managed to score perfect 5 out of 5 score, but other model years are amazing as well. A unibody platform may be the reason for such high score, so if you don’t need some particularly great towing and hauling capacity, but rather smooth and comfortable ride, the Ridgeline in an obvious choice.

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