GM Electric Pickup Trucks will be built in Detroit!


Electric cars are the future of the automotive industry but the transition from traditional internal combustion engines to electric sources of power won’t go so smooth. Unlike the new, startup companies that started with electric cars, traditional carmakers have to deal with all kinds of logistics issues. This company plans to offer several GM electric pickup trucks in the following years. It’s not only about designing new vehicles but also about production capacities, assemblies modernization, re-training and many more things. GM is a perfect example. There is currently a huge reorganization inside this company and this usually includes some radical moves. Of course, workers always suffer most, though that may not be the case this time.

GM Electric Pickup Trucks

Electric Pickup Trucks Will Be Built In Detroit!?

As you probably know, GM is currently negotiating with UAW (United Auto Workers). GM’s initial plan was to relocate several assemblies, which would leave thousands of workers without a job. According to the latest report, the company planned to shut down Detroit-Hamtramck and Lordstown facilities, which would leave almost 50.000 workers without a job. Fortunately, the latest reports are suggesting that UAW and GM have made an agreement that one of these assemblies will continue to work.

That will probably be the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly. In the future, GM electric pickup trucks will be produced here. Of course, this would require a complete modernization of the factory. Such things usually cost GM more than to build a new one. Still, it will save thousands of jobs. On the other side, the Lordstown assembly will probably be shut down. Some reports were suggesting that batteries for the new truck could be produced here, but that probably won’t happen.

Chevy Silverado

How would GM Electric Pickup Trucks look like?

At this point, the GM electric pickup trucks are still away from serial production, so we can’t go into details. Still, we could speculate about some of the most basic design characteristics. First of all, it is still unclear whether the company is about to build all-new GM electric pickup trucks on purpose, or we are about to see an electric version of the popular nameplates like Silverado and Sierra. The first option sounds more likely at this point, considering that the company will probably develop a completely new platform for this occasion, with a little bit different design. Instead of ladder-frame chassis, we will probably see a so-called skateboard platform, with batter and complete drivetrain under the floor. After all, such design already characterizes models like Chevy Bolt.

Of course, GM electric pickup trucks wouldn’t be the only models to ride on this platform. It should be used for several other vehicles of different types, including electric versions of models like Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon etc.

GMC Sierra


Electric pickup trucks are still developing segment. At this point, there is only one all-electric pickup truck in the market. It comes from a startup company called Rivian. In terms of size, it stands between Colorado and Silverado but delivers performances of a full-size pickup truck. It looks particularly amazing in terms of speed and acceleration, as it delivers around 750 horsepower. Also, the range is pretty respectable. The Tesla pickup truck is about to come in the next year and we have no doubt that Musk will try to beat these numbers.

Of course, traditional truck makers will start to off electric pickups soon as well. The all-electric F-150 is about to come in a couple of years, so we could expect from other manufacturers to the same. Naturally, mid-size and compact electric trucks are about to come as well. GM electric pickup trucks will definitely have to face a pretty tough competition.

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