2023 Fiat Fullback Cross: What We Know So Far


The Fullback was Fiat’s attempt to compete in the pickup market. That model came as a product of cooperation with Mitsubishi and it was pretty much a rebadged version of the L200 pickup. However, it never managed to establish a good position on the market, so it’s no wonder it was discontinued just three years after its launch. The model was produced between 2016 and 2019 and it looks like we could see it on the market once again, as some rumors talk about the 2023 Fiat Fullback Cross.

At this point, this is still a complete mystery. Not many details have been released and if we can judge by the “Cross” moniker, there’s a big chance to see some inspiration from the Hanover concept from a few years ago, which brought a lot of upgrades to the standard Fullback model. In any case, the only thing we could do at this point is to make some predictions, but make sure to take them with a big reserve.

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross Design

There are all kinds of possibilities for this nameplate, so let’s start with speculations. If we start from the original model, we may presume that the 2023 Fiat Fullback Cross will be a mid-size crossover. We would expect to see a genuine BoF design, which would ensure strong working capabilities, regarding towing and hauling.

However, we don’t expect to see cooperation with Mitsubishi again. Simply, Stellantis already has plenty of resources to do things on its own. In the case of pickups, we presume that the new Fiat pickup would borrow a lot of design solutions from the Jeep Gladiator. This primarily refers to the platform, though we would exclude other aspects of the vehicle either.

Exterior and Interior

When it comes to the exterior design, we believe that the new 2023 Fiat Fullback Cross could come in different layouts. This refers to different cab styles and bed sizes, but the “Cross” moniker also suggests a couple of extra features. We might see it with a couple of off-road upgrades, which would be hard if we consider that the Gladiator is the best off-roader in the class.

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross concept

On the other hand, the styling is still a mystery. Fiat still has to establish a new design language, so it’s hard to talk about details. On the other hand, we count on typical dimensions for the segment and a lot of details that would make this pickup look rugged and aggressive.

On the inside, we would expect to see a modern dashboard design, equipped with all kinds of tech features. Depending on the cab style, the seating capacity would go from two to five, while the bed length would be different as well.

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross Engines

The engine offer will largely depend on the parts of the world this pickup would be offered. In Europe, we would expect to see a couple of diesel units on offer. One of them could be a 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which would feature around 185 and 210 horsepower, as well as between 440 and 470 Nm of torque. We could also see a more capable version in the offer, which would probably feature the same 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel as the Gladiator, with a max output of 260 horsepower.

Petrol versions are possible in some parts of the world. We wouldn’t exclude the possibility to see Jeep’s large V6, but Fiat’s smaller and more efficient 2.0-liter turbo-four look more likely to come. This engine puts out around 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross release date

2023 Fiat Fullback Cross Release Date and Price

We believe that the 2023 Fiat Fullback Cross could arrive already in the next year, with a starting price of around €30.000. Key competitors would be models like Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger etc.

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