2020 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Comeback Rumors


The versatility of the Baja truck is still hard to match. Too bad this vehicle was discontinued back in 2006 due to slow sales. The truck combined the best elements from a passenger and utility vehicles. Comfortable, but still functional, Subaru Baja won the hearts of many buyers. Also, the reliability of engines developed by the Japanese company reduced the maintenance cost. So, there is no surprise why 2020 Subaru Baja is the topic of comeback rumors. But, how possible it is?

Well, without official statements, we can never be sure. At this moment, it doesn’t seem like 2020 Subaru Baja is returning. But, the expansion of the SUV lineup shows big plans of the Japanese company. Besides this market, compact trucks are also becoming more interesting. Ford is back in the game with Ranger, and 2020 Gladiator is Jeep’s first pickup after 30 years. With the arrival of these two, why won’t Subaru bring back Baja?

2020 Subaru Baja RETURN

2020 Subaru Baja Specs

The 2020 Subaru Baja will inherit the multi-purpose habits of its predecessor. Comfortable, powerful, and long-lasting – that is what we expect from the upcoming truck. The entire Subaru squad is using famous Boxer engines. For the Baja truck, the company will use a flat-six unit that is capable to deliver 255 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. Well, the engine is not too capable to tow. A flat-six drivetrain is available for Outback SUV, and this model has a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds. Do not expect some huge improvement for the Baja pickup truck. A CVT transmission and all-wheel drive are standard. Optionally, the truck could get paddle shifters.

Besides the flat-six engine, the 2020 Subaru Baja could use a turbocharged flat-four Boxer drivetrain. In this case, truckers can count on 250 hp. However, the towing capacity drops, and that is what buyers don’t want to see. On the other hand, the turbo engine arrived too late the last time we saw Subaru Baja. Some say this unit could save it if it came earlier.

2020 Subaru Baja boxer engine

2020 Baja Redesign

All Subaru SUVs are using a distinctive design language. We can always ask if these are crossovers or wagons. We can expect the same from the 2020 Subaru Baja. This sporty truck will definitely bring back sport bars. Front fascia could look like the one on the Outback. Besides that, expect a lot of similarities with existing vehicles, especially inside the pickup. X-Mode is a feature that will help you in off-road situations, especially while climbing up. Starlink infotainment packs all popular apps and services. At higher trim levels, a huge screen will be available instead of a 6-inch display that is standard.

2020 Subaru Baja interior

Release Date, Price

Well, without official info we can only speculate and guess if the 2020 Subaru Baja is coming or not. The same is with the release date. It can happen at any time. On the other hand, we could predict the price. To be more competitive in the market, the Baja truck can’t be too expensive. The only sporty pickup that uses a unibody platform, Honda Ridgeline, costs $31,000. Expect Baja to start above $30k.

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  1. Cannot express how excited I am that the Subaru pickup is coming back! I missed the Baja the first time around and WILL NOT miss it again. Owning a Subaru is a must in the area we live; 4 out of our 5 member family has one. The other vehicle needed to be a pickup, which is the only reason it is not a Subaru.

    THANK YOU for meeting the need by bringing this versatile and dependable vehicle back!

  2. I’ll take one, please.

  3. Come on Subaru! Needs some information here. If you’re gonna play like Hyndai, I’ll just get a Ridgeline!!!

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