2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept: Release Date and Specs


If you are a truck enthusiast, you are probably familiar with the Atlas nameplate. This name was used for a concept truck from five years ago, which previewed the current-generation F-150. It was the first time we saw a new platform that utilizes so much aluminum and HSS. Also, the visual appearance of the serial production model wasn’t too much far away from this concept.

The current generation fo the world’s best-selling truck will soon enter the fifth year of production. We already saw a major update last year, which clearly indicates that this production cycle won’t be too long. That is the reason why people talk so much about the new 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept these days.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept top view

Simply, the next generation of the F-150 will come relatively soon and this concept could be its introducer for the second time. However, there are also many experts that suggest this time we are about to see something more than just a concept. The upcoming concept could easily become a serial production truck, some kind of the F-150’s special version.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept Specs

According to the latest reports, the new 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept will definitely come, whether as a concept or in serial production. Most likely, we will see a concept version first, which will once again serve to preview the next-generation F-150. So, expect lots of new design solutions. There is no doubt that the company prepares a completely new platform for this occasion. Still, don’t expect such revolutionary changes, like it was last time.

The new platform will continue with a massive use of lightweight materials and new design solutions will probably go in direction to provide additional reinforcements, more rigidity, and better overall capabilities, especially off the road.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept side view

Other than that, we shouldn’t see some crucial changes. The 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept should keep similar proportions to the current model, of course with lots of new solutions that will provide better comfort as well.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept Design

Besides in a concept form, the new 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck could also come as a production model. There are many reports that suggest such a scenario. Most likely, that would mean a special version of the new F-150. Some experts even go that far with their predictions, that we can often hear stories about a completely new truck, pretty distinctive compared to the F-150. What could this mean, it is hard to tell at the moment. Some would suggest a longer wheelbase, while others talk about unique styling approach.

We are much closer to the scenario where the Atlas would come as some kind of special trim level, which would feature lots of distinctive styling details and a unique list of standard features.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept rear view

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept Interior

This aspect of the truck is a huge mystery at the moment. To us, it seems hard to imagine something too distinctive compared to the base F-150. Of course, this concept will preview the cabin of the new-generation F-150 first. Many improvements are expected in this aspect, especially if we consider that the main rivals, Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500, are much younger and that feature more quality inside the cabin.

This especially refers to the new 2019 Ram 1500, which features a pretty upscale cabin, with hi-grade materials and plenty of standard equipment. This is the direction where 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept should be going. Of course, a list of standard equipment should be hugely expanded. This especially refers to the latest tech features, in terms of advanced drive-assist and safety features and similar things.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept interior

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept Engine

It is hard to predict the exact engine that will find its place under the 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept’s hood, but the possible production version will probably feature multiple engine choices. In the current-generation F-150, engines are one of the strongest points.

Compared to rivals, this truck relies on efficient EcoBoost units primarily, which ensures better fuel economy ratings compared to large V8 units. So, the new 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept should feature some of these units. Most likely, it will be a familiar 3.5-liter V6 engine, which delivers around 375 horsepower.

On the other side, various sources suggest that the new truck will stick to eight cylinders. In that case, expect to see a familiar 5.0-liter Coyote, which currently delivers around 395 horsepower. Still, further tunings are possible. When it comes to the transmission, expect a new 10-speed automatic.

2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept Release Date

As a concept, the 2019 Ford Atlas Pickup Truck Concept will probably come sometime in the next year. However, we are still waiting for some more precise date. On the other side, a possible serial production model definitely won’t come so soon, definitely not before 2020.

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