Neuron EV T-One Looks Even More Interesting Than Tesla Cybertruck!?


While everyone is blabbing on about Tesla Cybertruck these days, there was a premiere that passed pretty much unnoticed by a wide public. It is another all-electric pickup, but a pickup that comes with some pretty interesting design solutions. Yes, we are talking about the Neuron EV T-One. The new name in the business comes from California and the new truck had its presentation recently at the 2019 China International Import Expo, which took place in Shanghai.

The new electric truck brings some pretty interesting design solutions and the only bad thing about it is that we will have to wait for some more time to see it on the road.

Neuron EV T-One

Neuron EV T-One Design

Of course, the first thing that everyone notices on these new electric pickup trucks is the styling. This model is no exception, although it doesn’t look as futuristic as the Cybertruck. Still, if we compare it to more traditional internal-combustion trucks, the difference in the aesthetical approach is significant. The new truck looks futuristic and we actually like it.

Still, the styling isn’t the thing that draws the most attention. It’s about the base design approach. The thing is that Neuron EV T-One isn’t just one truck. It is more like a platform, on which you can build pretty much anything you want. This includes different configurations, cab design and even body styles, as the new model can be a van as well. The model that had a premiere in Shanghai came in a typical pickup truck configuration, or maybe not?

On the Inside

The new Neuron EV T-One may look relatively common from the outside, but things are completely different when it comes to the interior design. Of course, the most prominent detail is the driving position, which is positioned at the center. Moreover, the driver’s seat has been moved forward. As there is no engine, the driving position is practically above the axle. Such design, combined with futuristic cabin design, will definitely make you feel like you’re in a space ship. Screens are all around, while big glass surfaces ensure excellent visibility. Behind the driver, there are two more seats and they are characterized by plenty of space and seem very comfortable.

Neuron EV T-One Interior

Still, we expect that different seating configurations will be in the offer as well. After all, we already that the Neuron EV T-One will be available in various configurations, so we may also see a more traditional seating setup in the offer as well.

Neuron EV T-One Performances

This aspect of the Neuron EV T-One is still a complete mystery. The recent presentation hasn’t brought any numbers or details about the drivetrain. Still, our source claims that the new truck will feature excellent performances, competitive with Tesla, Rivian and other electric trucks in every aspect. This means you may count on sports car acceleration, as well as on pretty big numbers when it comes to towing capacity.

Neuron EV T-One Configurations

Neuron EV T-One Production

Things are a little bit unclear here. According to the company’s spokesman, the Neuron EV T-One isn’t planned for mass production. As we’ve mentioned, this truck will be available in all kinds of configurations, so vehicles will be built order and customer requirements. When the new model will be available to order, it is still unknown.

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