2019 Dodge Dakota Concept: Release Date and Price


Without any doubt, the segment of mid-size pickup trucks is becoming more and more popular. Just a decade ago, this segment was dominated by Japanese manufacturers. A few years ago, the Chevy Colorado came back to the U.S. market. The Ford Ranger is also coming back. It now turns for Dodge to introduce its mid-size truck. Most likely, the company will use a familiar nameplate, used many years ago. Of course, we expect to see the new truck in a form of a concept first. It could come already next year, as 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept. So far, experts are only speculating about the design characteristics of the new model. However, more precise details should be available soon.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept redesign

As we already mentioned, the new model should come as a concept first. That could happen already in the next year, on some of the major car shows. The new 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept should come with some pretty interesting design characteristics. Various reports suggested Dakota’s comeback a few years ago. However, a unibody platform was expected at that time. These days, it seems pretty much certain that the new truck will come with a traditional body-on-frame design. However, that doesn’t mean at all that we are about to see some heavy and thirsty truck. It will get a completely new platform, most likely borrowed from the new Wrangler and its pickup truck derivate.

This architecture definitely means lots of new design solutions and technologies. One of its main characteristics is massive use of aluminum, which guarantees significant weight savings. On the other side, the problem with this platform could be overall capabilities, especially when it comes to towing, so appreciated thing from Ram lovers. This clearly indicates that the 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept would have to undergo some chassis modifications. The new Ram 1500 has been redesigned recently and many of its design solutions could find the place in the new Dacota as well.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept front view

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept Styling

It is still unclear will the new truck come under Ram’s or under Dodge’s badge. In any case, it will feature Ram’s newest design language. Introduced in the new Ram 1500, the new design philosophy comes with some pretty interesting styling solutions, which makes the truck look much more attractive. Expect a similar application in the 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept, just in a smaller package. When it comes to body styles, we expect that both single- and two-row versions will be in the offer, as well as a few bed sizes. Of course, we expect several unique styling details as well, especially in the concept version, which should come with a little bit more futuristic approach.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept Interior Design

At the moment, this is a complete mystery. As we already mentioned, expect to see both versions with one and two rows of seating. In both cases, we expect to see a pretty spacious cabin, just like it is expected from the new Wrangler Pickup. These two models will share lots of things, not just in terms of mechanics, but in terms of interior design as well. Expect lots of technologies and design solutions shared.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept interior

On the other side, each model will come with its own interior styling. While the Wrangler pickup truck is about to be something like a lifestyle model, the 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept will put more focus on luxury and overall comfort. Therefore, expect to see the same approach as we’ve seen in the new Ram 1500, which comes with an upscale cabin, full of hi-quality materials and advanced features.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept Engines

Like all Ram and Dodge models, this one will also be pretty strong under the hood. A wide range of engines in the offer will definitely be an advantage over the competition.

Base models will probably feature a new 2.0-liter turbo inline-four engine, which is good for about 270 horsepower and offer pretty decent mpg ratings.

A familiar 3.6-liter V6 should be in the offer as well. This engine features slightly more power, around 285, but doesn’t offer such good fuel economy. Moreover, the economy is definitely a weak point of this engine.

A performance version is expected to come as well. For this occasion, the company will probably offer some V8 engine. It could be a familiar 5.7-liter Hemi engine, which is good for about 375 hp.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept side view

Finally, expect a diesel version in the offer as well. It will feature a familiar 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel, which is good for about 240 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Dodge Dakota Concept Release Date and Price

The new truck will probably come in a form of a concept first. Most likely, the 2019 Dodge Dakota Concept will have its premiere on some of the upcoming major car shows. Soon after, the production model should come. Though it is still early for some price predictions, base models should go around 25.000 dollars.

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  1. Are they seriously doing the passenger windows like a Ford…. Very disappointed…

  2. Please please please come back with the Dakota. I am planning on dedicating it with a wrap to symbolize my dad’s plane he flew during WWII. It will look like a C-47 with D-Day stripes, et. Al.. I want to write comp to let them know my plans but it should look Bitchin when done!!!!

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