2019 Dodge Dakota is Fiat Fullback Cross Truck US version


FCA needs a small pickup truck to compete with Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado. This company is delivering Jeep Scrambler, but this 4×4 truck is not a serious competitor to leading vehicles in the class. That is why the FCA needs reinforcements with a familiar name. The 2019 Dodge Dakota is the answer. Well, this is a new truck that will use old nameplate and another model as the base. Well, we can also say that Dakota will be a rebadged Fiat Fullback.

This vehicle is available outside the USA. But, Americans will rather see some familiar name instead of Fiat. Also, many older fans are still calling the flagship models Dodge Ram, although the name of trucks is only Ram. All in all, the 2019 Dodge Dakota will be ready to carry over the rivalry between FCA, GM and Ford from full-size and heavy-duty segment into mid-size class.

2019 Dodge Dakota

2019 Dodge Dakota Specs

Well, we said the 2019 Dodge Dakota will be based on the Fiat Fullback. But, it won’t use its sibling’s powertrains. One of the advantages of non-US trucks is that they can use diesel engines with higher emissions. In the USA, these regulations are very strict, and not even the largest companies are going after these kinds of drivetrains so often.

So, the most likely option for the 2019 Dodge Dakota will be a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 gasoline unit. The new truck can count on almost 300 hp from it. That is on a similar level its main rivals will deliver their trucks. But, most of them also offer pickups with a four-cylinder engine. We still don’t have any info which mills that could be.

Some rumors are saying a 2.4-liter Tigershark is a right choice. Again, we can compare it to rivals. A four-cylinder mill is capable to deliver around 185 hp. Chevy Colorado, as a leader in the mid-size segment, can create 200 ponies from its 2.5-liter four-pot engine. So, with a minor boost, a Tigershark drivetrain could be competitive.

2019 Dodge Dakota side view

2019 Dodge Dakota Diesel

We won’t write off chances of a diesel engine. First of all, Fiat Fullback is using such drivetrain. A 2.4-liter turbodiesel mill can produce 180 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. Let’s go back to Colorado to compare outputs in this section. It says a 2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel can produce 190 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. Again, Fullback’s smaller displacement delivers less twist, but the energy is on a similar level. So, if FCA makes its 2.4-liter unit environmental friendlier, it can feature in the 2019 Dakota.

Another possibility comes across the sea. The new Wrangler for Europe is coming with a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine. This one is good for 200 hp and 330 lb-ft of twisting power. Well, it will also need emission to revisit before it can be eligible to step into US market.

2019 Dodge Dakota engine

Towing Capacity, Transmission, Mileage

The new 2019 Dodge Dakota will use an eight-speed automatic gearbox for petrol engines. On the other hand, diesel will require different power router. It can be a six-pace transmission. Engineers must maximize towing capacity to make a competitive truck. Outputs are already short with power. With current lineup towing capacity of the 2019 Dakota will be around 6,500 pounds. Compared to Chevrolet Colorado, it is 1,200 lbs less than a Duramax version of the truck can do.

On the other hand, less power means better mileage. The Pentastar V6 engine returns up to 26 mpg for Durango SUV. Dakota will be heavier, so the rating could drop for a mile or so. On the other hand, diesel should be one of the most efficient units in the truck market. The 2019 Dodge Dakota can count on 30+ mpg for highway drive, and probably around 26-27 mpg combined.

2019 Dodge Dakota Styling

Most experts are sharing the opinion the 2019 Dodge Dakota will be rebadged Fiat Fullback. That means the same exterior, with a different logo. On the other hand, features and accessories will definitely need a revisit. The new 2019 Dakota must again meet specific safety requirements. Here, the truck could borrow some features from its larger stablemate, Ram 1500. Not only in this section, but the full-size pickup is one of the best-equipped models overall. That includes infotainment system and driver aid features.

2019 Dodge Dakota rear view


We already compared the 2019 Dodge Dakota with the Chevy Colorado. This is a leader in the segment by many parameters. However, the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger is about to steal the show. Currently, it will use only a four-cylinder engine, but Ford plans to expand the offer with diesel and V6 units. Toyota Tacoma Diesel is also a truck to watch next year.

2019 Dodge Dakota Release Date

The new 2019 Dodge Dakota will be presented at some large American car show. However, the truck is not going to be available outside the US, since Fiat Fullback covers most markets worldwide. We still don’t have details when the new Dakota is going to be released.

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