2019 Mazda BT-50: Changes, Prices and Specs


We can find all kinds of reports about 2019 Mazda BT-50 these days. Of course, most of them are about the upcoming redesign. It looks like the third generation of this mid-size pickup truck is pretty close. Once again, the company has no intention to work on its own platform. So far, this model was relying on Ford Ranger and its T6 platform. The things will be different with the next-generation model. Mazda is about to end its cooperation with Ford and turn to Japanese manufacturer Isuzu.

This company is well-known for its amazing Isuzu D-Max pickup truck. It is definitely one of the best models in the class and the company prepares a redesign for the near future. Most likely, the new 2019 Mazda BT-50 will come based on this new truck. However, it is unknown how many things two models will have in common in the future.

2019 Mazda BT-50 front view

2019 Mazda BT-50 Redesign

Speaking of the 2019 Mazda BT-50, expect lots of them. Considering the upcoming co-operant switch, we could expect nothing lest that significant changes in the overall design approach. As we already mentioned, the new truck won’t be based on Ford Ranger anymore. It will come with lots of things in common with the next-generation of Isuzu D-Max. For those who are more into the truck industry, this means that the new 2019 Mazda BT-50 will actually replace Ford with its toughest rival, General Motors. Isuzu and GM work together for decades. Among many joint ventures, there is Isuzu D-Max, which shares a lot of design solutions with Chevy Colorado. However, it is still unclear how close will this cooperation be with the next-gen D-Max. In any case, the 2019 BT-50 will stick closely to Isuzu.

2019 Mazda BT-50 Specs

Details, even about most basic characteristics are still unavailable for the 2019 Mazda BT-50. Simply, we are still waiting to see how quickly the process of D-Max will go. After that, we will know more about the new truck. At this point, it seems pretty much for sure that two models will share the platform and complete mechanics. This includes engines as well. Still, there is a chance to see some of Mazda’s units in the offer as well. On the other side, we don’t know how the new 2019 Mazda BT-50 will look like.

2019 Mazda BT-50

2019 Mazda BT-50 Styling

At this moment, no one knows how the new 2019 Mazda BT-50 will look like. Obviously, we know base things about mechanics, by overall layout is still a mystery. The problem with the new truck is that Mazda already works on several big projects, which are actually pretty huge if we consider that Mazda isn’t among biggest carmakers in the world. So, many experts suggest that the new 2019 Mazda BT-50 could be pretty much a rebadged version of the new D-Max. Eventually, we could see a relationship similar to one that is between Mitsubishi and Fiat. This would mean almost identical exterior and interior stylings, with minimal changes at the front and different badges as the most distinctive details. This would mean the same the same cabin layout as well.

However, we are closer to the scenario where Mazda would come with its own design. In this case, two models would share the same mechanics, while 2019 Mazda BT-50 would come with its own styling and interior design. This would be highly beneficial in terms of getting more potential buyers, considering that the new truck would feature Mazda’s new, astonishing design language. Also, this carmaker pays a lot of attention on interior design, on its style, materials quality and much more.

2019 Mazda BT-50 interior

2019 Mazda BT-50 Engines

So far, this truck was relying on Ford’s engines. The new 2019 Mazda BT-50 will probably feature the same engines as the new D-Max. One of the freshest additions, and probably new entry-level engine is a 1.9-liter turbodiesel unit, which delivers around 150 horsepower.

The current-generation also comes with two bigger, older-generation diesel units. The first one is a 2.5-liter engine with 136 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. The other one is a 3.0-liter unit, which delivers around 180 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Both engines should come with some revisions, as well as with a newer, more up-to-date transmission. As you can notice, all D-Max engines are oil-burners.

This leads us to the conclusion that Mazda could offer one of its gasoline engines for the new 2019 BT-50. It would probably be a familiar 2.5-liter unit, though with changed output and other specs.

2019 Mazda BT-50 rear view

2019 Mazda BT-50 Release Date and Price

The arrival of the new truck doesn’t depend too much on Mazda. It is all about how quickly Isuzu is going to end the redesign process. Once the next generation of D-Max arrives, we will know more details about the 2019 Mazda BT-50. On the other side, we don’t expect some significant changes in terms of price. Base models will probably go around 25.000 dollars.

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