2022 VW Tarok Might Come To North America


Two years ago, we saw a concept version of this pickup truck. Initially, it was presented in South America, which should be its main market. However, the concept was presented in New York as well. We presume the German manufacturer is considering launching it in North America as well. Some reports suggest this could happen already this year, so the initial model would come as the 2022 VW Tarok. At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation.

There are several reasons why the company’s management believes this model could be successful on the U.S. market. Small pickups are becoming more and more popular, while there is a whole new segment to come, the segment of unibody pickups. VW has already presented the bigger, Atlass-based pickup called Tanoak, but many believe that a unibody layout is a much better suit for small pickups, such as the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Korean manufacturer has been VW’s key rival in many segments for a while, so there is a big chance to see another rivalry in North  America.

2022 VW Tarok concept

2022 VW Tarok Design

At this point, we can only rely on the concept, when it comes to the design. First of all, it’s obvious that the German manufacturer will use its economy platform, the MQB architecture. You may count on an FWD layout in base models,  while the Haldex AWD system will be available too. One of the main characteristics will be its size. The concept version is 197 inches long and presumes that the production version won’t be much different.

In terms of the styling, the concept looks quite production-ready. At the front, you can see VW’s typical layout, based on the latest design language, which we saw in the new Tiguan and Golf Mk8 recently, with slightly revised headlights compared to some previous generations. The concept version also came with some fancy details, such as a massive aluminum hoop, or a huge panoramic sunroof. We are not sure if these things are about to be available in the production model.

2022 VW Tarok side view


When it comes to interior design, you may count on VW’s typical layout, which means a super-conservative dashboard design, which is simple but features quality materials. Ergonomics will certainly be good, while we also count on a full load of tech features. The concept came with a digital gauge display, a 9.2-inch infotainment touchscreen, and a removable Bluetooth speaker in the center console. The 2022 VW Tarok will come in a double cab layout, and we definitely count on those smart cargo bed solutions.

2022 VW Tarok Engines

We know for sure that the South American 2022 VW Tarok will come with two engines in offer, including a diesel version. Base models will come equipped with a 1.4-liter TSI gasoline engine, with a max output of 150 horsepower. As we’ve just mentioned, there is also a diesel engine to come, also with a max output of 150 horsepower. We know for sure that the max payload capacity will go around 2271 pounds. We count on a both automatic and manual transmission.

On the other side, the North American model could easily come with something more powerful. Of course, the diesel version definitely won’t come, while we see a familiar 2.0-liter turbo-four with 184 horsepower as a perfect match for this pickup. More details should come soon.

2022 VW Tarok

2022 VW Tarok Release Date and Price

We expect that the South American model will arrive already in the second half of the year. On the other side, details about the U.S. model are still to come and while we don’t know the time, we presume that the price will go around 20.000-25.000 dollars. Of course, the upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz will be the key competitor.

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