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2021 Neuron EV T.One: New Electric Pickup Truck


These days, the truck market is all about EV models and the next year is bringing a whole plethora of brand-new vehicles. One of them may be a little bit overshadowed but it definitely has a lot to show. We are talking about the truck that is coming from the California-based company called Neuron EV, which cooperates with several companies in China, which is the fact that promises competitive price. The new model is about to come as the 2021 Neuron EV T.One and at this point, we don’t know too many details about it. The company still keeps details as secret, so we can talk about the most basic characteristics only.

2021 Neuron EV T.One front

2021 Neuron EV T.One Design

The new 2021 Neuron EV T.One has been presented in Shanghai and while specs are still a secret, we have seen the styling and it looks really amazing. If you thought that the Cybertruck looks futuristic, this one takes everything to the next level. It looks just like those futuristic vehicles from the 80s sci-fi movies, and that’s something we really like. It’s not too sharp but rather round when it comes to edges and angles. If you look at the front, rear and other areas separately, things don’t look particularly amazing. However, when you combine all of them, you get something completely different.

When it comes to the mechanical aspect of the new truck, most of the details are still a secret. We know that the 2021 T.One will ride on a skateboard platform and that the energy will be stored under the body. However, the rest of the truck is still a mystery. Among the things we know is that the new truck will feature a modular body, which means you will be able to configure your truck in the way you want, thanks to removable body panels. This means you will be able to use this truck as everything from a chassis-truck to an SUV or minivan.


When it comes to interior design, we can only judge by pictures. We didn’t have a chance to get inside and see how spacious this truck is but judging on the all-electric powertrain, we have no doubt that there will be plenty of room for all passengers in the cabin. The chairs on the inside look extremely comfortable, while the driver’s position is particularly interesting. From this perspective, the 2021 Neuron EV T.One looks more like a spaceship, as the driver is surrounded by the dash from all positions. Also, there are practically no physical controls, so everything looks extremely futuristic.

2021 Neuron EV T.One Interior

2021 Neuron EV T.One Drivetrain

While most electric truck makers instantly came up with numbers, the 2021 Neuron EV T.One is still a mystery, whether it’s about range, power or towing capacity. At this point, we don’t know anything about these things, though we may presume that there will be several versions in the offer and that all of them will be comparable with rivals.

On the other side, the thing will know is that the electricity will be stored under the floor, thanks to a skateboard platform. Also, there is a big chance that this truck will use hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries, or we may see both of them. In any case, more details will be known in the near future, when the T.One gets closer to serial production.

2021 Neuron EV T.One Release Date

We could see 2021 Neuron EV T.One in North America already in the next year, though the price is still a mystery. The new truck will compete with models like Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Nikola Badger etc.


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