Acura Pickup Truck Comes with MDX and Ridgeline Features


The latest reports included some stories about Honda and the new pickup truck. You must read something about the new Ridgeline Type R performance-oriented model. It seems pretty stunning. And what about the Acura Pickup Truck? Yes, that is exactly the topic of the latest gossips. Is it an imagination by fans, or real stories caused by teaser vehicle that appeared on the internet, we still don’t know. But, when we put all together, the story has some foundation.

First of all, Honda is losing a battle in the compact pickup market. Its Ridgeline needs a refresh. On the other hand, the success of Acura crossovers and SUVs inspires enthusiasts to think about possible Acura Pickup Truck. So, the new vehicle would be a combination of the existing models. Honda Ridgeline would borrow the platform and probably engines, while the interior styling and body will be more Acura-like. We love the idea. But, what we know so far about it?

Acura Pickup truck

Idea Comes From China

Recently, renders appeared on the internet with the truck-like Acura MDX. But, the company denied this is an official teaser. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that idea comes from China. The concept includes a four-door cab we can find on MDX. On the back, we see a bed, but it is unsure how it could be added to existing crossover. Up front is shield grille. However, this feature is not in use anymore. Interior is definitely Acura’s. Two-tone colors and dashboard solve the mystery.

Acura Pickup Truck Concept

Although Honda rubbished off these claims, we believe the Acura Pickup Truck is possible. Well, the luxury market is not too crowded. So, the new model would have fewer worries about the competition. Also, the Acura Truck would be a perfect combination of Honda Ridgeline’s utility and MDX’s materials. The pickup is going to be ready to tow but to offer some cool infotainment features. The downside is definitely a price since Ridgeline costs just under $30,000. On the other hand, Acura MDX is not available under $45,000. By combining these two, the new pickup truck can’t be cheaper than $40k, and it is even likely to cost over $50k.

2020 Acura Pickup truck rear view

What Acura Pickup Truck Can Borrow From Honda Ridgeline?

The body and the engine of the new Honda Ridgeline are a good start. The truck is 210 inches long. That fits into a mid-size, or compact segment. Wheelbase is 125 inches, width 78 in, and height 70 in. seven inches of ground clearance is not so great for the off-road drive. Acura MDX offers 8 inches. So, the truck could be lifted a bit.

The only engine available for the Ridgeline truck is a 3.5-liter V-6. This is one of the most durable units in the market, so there is no a surprise that we are finding the same drivetrain under the hood of Acura MDX. However, the same unit offers 280 hp for truck and 290 horsepower for crossover. MDX also brings 5 lb-ft of torque more. That’s not all since the mid-size SUV is lighter and it even returns 1 mpg more on a highway run.

2020 Acura Pickup truck review

Finally, the crossover has one more drivetrain as optional. However, we doubt that Acura Pickup Truck could be a hybrid. But, it is not impossible. By combining a 3.0-liter petrol engine with an electric battery, engineers created a hybrid that can put out 320 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. Its fuel economy remains the same for highway ride but matches 27 mpg with urban drive mileage.

Acura Pickup Truck With MDX’s Interior

Before we go straight into the cabin, we can check cab configurations of the Ridgeline. While we used to various layouts on its rivals, this truck only uses a 4-door Crew Cab. So, the Acura Pickup Truck will definitely come with the same configuration. Well, even if there are other possibilities, the luxury model will use the most comfortable option. For the easiest access, that is a 4-door version.

2020 Acura Pickup truck interior

The interior of the Acura Pickup will bring most of the features and systems we can find in MDX crossover. Sport seats with leather trimming are standard. Upper versions will definitely get genuine leather. Heating and 12-way adjustment power seats are available for front seats. Keyless technology has evolved very far, so the new truck will definitely use it as a bite for potential buyers. Sunshades, moonroof, and few other features will be optional for Acura Pickup Truck.

Conclusion, Expectations, Release Date

Well, at this moment, the Acura Pickup Truck is a far-fetched story. The luxury truck segment is not promising good sales. The utility comes first when we talk about pickups. Even Ford, GM, and FCA are not pushing to deliver its premium model. In the matter of fact, the compact class is not a priority at the moment.

But, on the other hand, Honda needs something to draw attention. The Japanese company is not aiming to sell only this model. This would be a great ad for their entire truck, crossover, and SUV segment, luxurious and non-premium sections. So, all in all, we will keep our attention for following news about the Acura Pickup Truck, no matter how unlikely its release is now.

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